Monday, July 10, 2006

Ecto trial

So I'm reading Bethany's Education Blog and she refers to Ecto. I need to find out what it is and POOF!, my life is changed. I had always figured there must be a way to create content for a blog offline. I was typing on Word and then copying and pasting. It is weird when the technosphere can read my mind. It has been doing it a lot lately.

This is my first attempt at using eEcto. We'll see how it goes and if it is worth $18. Gosh, I spend more than that on dry cleaning! There is a part of me that says, why wouldn't I just be able to post "live"? I mean there is wireless access just about everywhere. Aha! Not on airplanes!!

UPDATE: This is soooo cool! It is worth $118!!
ANOTHER UPDATE: I found out that I can purchase 1 CD and load it on both my home and work laptops! This deal keeps getting sweeter!

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