Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Savvy Technologist March 14, 2006

guest- Joe Lambert on Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?
2 Things:
• Digital video production to create a story based on personal life experiences; short film has become its own genre
• Many ways that new media has allowed people to express themselves (many media and many web 2.0 technologies make this possible)
Digital Storytelling is more about the heart and soul and less about the organization (is it a fine film?), it’s the message that counts
For Doubters:
• Students are looking more closely (more critically) at their writing because they have to add the visuals
• The edit is more effective since the student is hearing and seeing his work played back
• Students are working from the base that most of their experiences are visual (multimedia)
• Don’t worry about the technology -- only basic skills are needed.
• Show students only how to do what they will need: how to record audio, input video, photos, etc.
Should have strong themes; emotional, get to the heart of a topic: why should you care about…

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